Statement regarding March 22nd Rally in Chicago

This past weekend, I spoke at a rally opposing the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago based on the ongoing support for the genocide and purposeful starvation of innocents in Gaza, and for the refusal to put effort into immigration reform for immigrant communities at risk and suffering.

Before I arrived, a Marine Veteran burned his flag in protest. I later spoke and was photographed with the remnants of his protest in front of me. I was not present for the burning of the flag. When I arrived I saw nor heard any indication that it had happened. I never looked at the ground ornoticed it, and my attention was never called to it. I spoke to several colleagues regarding these facts.

Knowing this, some of my colleagues have continued to play political theater and imply that I burned the flag or endorsed it – both abject lies – and now I have received violent white supremacist threats, including threats of assassination, directed at me, my young family, and my office workers. I call on these Alderpersons to stop with the misinformation and incitement of violence before someone gets hurt.

As the Chairman of the Committee on Housing and Real Estate (HRE), I am proud of all the advancements that we have made since my appointment, and for the work in progress that is expected to be fulfilled. Since my election in 2019 to serve the residents of the 25th Ward and alongside my dedicated staff, we prioritized housing as a human right; especially to people who have been left behind while our government institutions failed to adequately assist. We have successfully expanded access to affordable and sustainable housing for seniors, persons with a disabilities, undocumented families, and veterans. HRE is expected to schedule a Subject Matter Hearing in May to require CHA to publicly share plans and detailed information as it relates to vacant CHA land and units to ensure we keep the promise to bring back all the units lost but promised to be rebuilt.

As a human rights advocate, I am committed to holding all institutions accountable to the values we proclaim, for justice and liberty for all people. I stand in solidarity with those affected by injustices abroad and injustices that have long plagued our local communities. I am honored to represent such a diverse and resilient ward. I look forward to continuing to ensure our working families are able to live a dignified, safe, and just life in our beautiful communities.

In solidarity

Byron Sigcho Lopez

Alderman, 25th Ward

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