Meet the Alderman

Byron Sigcho-Lopez

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez has represented the community since 2019. Currently, he has been re-elected for the term 2023 – 2027 due to the great community support he’s had and was sworn in to serve on the Chicago City Council as Alderman for the 25th Ward. The 25th Ward includes the communities of Pilsen, Little Village, University Village, Marshall Square, and the Heart of Chicago.

As an immigrant, Byron arrived in the United States 23 years ago, where he found care among teachers, coaches, and community members. All of whom were instrumental in teaching him English, always providing him with shelter, guidance, and gave him a path to higher education. He completed a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Business Administration from Cumberland University and a Masters in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Byron settled in Pilsen, a historic working-class immigrant neighborhood in Chicago, and worked as an adult education teacher, founding the bilingual adult education program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He became politically active after former Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the closure of a neighborhood public school, where Byron volunteered as a soccer coach and led the community’s efforts to keep that school open, which was ultimately successful. Byron later served as a director of the Pilsen Alliance, where he was a leader in the fight against gentrification and displacement, and co-founded the campaign to lift the ban on rent control in Illinois.

In his first term as Alderman, Byron advocated for the rights of tenants, homeowners and was the lead sponsor of an ordinance to reduce harassment of homeowners who have been targeted by predatory developers. In his second term, he has now been appointed as the Chairman for the Committee on Housing and Real Estate and remains a member of several City Council Committees, where he has consistently supported the expansion of the City’s fair and affordable housing initiatives.

Constituent Testimonies

Muy orgulloso de tener esta representación. Llamé a la oficina en diferentes ocasiones y siempre me devolvieron la llamada y tuve un excelente servicio y respuesta a mis inquietudes y solicitudes. La oficina lucha por los derechos de sus residentes y también se asegura de que la ciudad brinde los servicios necesarios. Chicago tiene muchos problemas y es maravilloso cuando la oficina del concejal no defiende la ciudad sino que ayuda a los residentes a conseguir lo que necesitan. Gracias Concejal Sigcho López.

Mick Ingram

25th Ward Resident

Best alderman we had in Pilsen so far, so nice and down to earth, I have gone in there and been help out so far. The 1 star reviews by the other karens and kens are expecting them to do milagros. Don't hate appreciate.

Aldo Rodriguez

25th Ward Resident

Excellent alderman - very glad to have him representing the 25th ward!

Netiya Shiner

25th Ward Resident

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