Ward Map

Find out if you are part of the 25th Ward!The 25th Ward includes Pilsen, Little Village, University Village, Marshall Square and Heart of Italy. To find out if you reside in the ward, click here.


To review all the schools within the 25th ward, please scroll to the map down below. District-run CPS schools are organized into 18 networks, which provide administrative support, strategic direction, and leadership development to the schools within each network. In the 25th Ward, most schools are organized into Network 7 and Network 15, along with a few independent schools. To find your school’s network click here.

At Chicago Public Schools, Local School Councils serve as the governing body of the school. LSCs have remained an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators, but also parents, students and community members the opportunity to make important decisions about how children will be educated. To find your school’s LSC, please visit the site here.


Below is a map indicating the parks and gardens in the 25th Ward. Visit the Chicago Park District for more information.

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