25th Ward Arts & Culture Committee

About the Committee & Mission

The Arts & Culture Committee of the 25th Ward is a body of local community members engaged in cultural activities dedicated to fostering a thriving artistic environment throughout the ward and preserving existing cultural artifacts & institutions. As a committee, it is meant to empower local artists with opportunities, connections, insight, and resources whether supplied through government institutions or private entities. They aim to erect clear & transparent processes for artists and residents to engage with artistic endeavors in the community. The activities are meant to ensure that cultural activity in the ward benefits & engages the local communities they are in.

At the start of my term, we convened the 25th Ward Arts and Culture Committee, made up of community artists, to advocate for working artists to promote and preserve local participation in cultural relevant events. Our office has fought for the preservation of the APO Cultural Center on 18th Street and we are working with CDOT and the Arts & Culture Committee in evaluating, preserving, restoring and creating new murals along 16th Street, along with a plan to invest in more accessible sidewalks, parking, and protected bike lanes. The Committee has also helped restore murals like the Boogie Mural at 18th Street and Throop, which tells a story of violence prevention in the community. The Committee continues to meet independently, for anyone interested in collaborating, please contact Teresa Magana at teresa@pilsenartscommunityhouse.org.

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