Appointment of DOH Commissioner Lissette Castañeda

    • We had the pleasure of hearing and approving the Mayor’s appointment for the Department of Housing Commissioner at our last Committee on Housing and Real Estate meeting on February 16th, 2024. We extend our congratulations and admiration to Lissette as the first Latina woman Commissioner for the Department of Housing. With over two decades of outstanding work in the area of affordable housing and development, we are excited to join Lisette in fighting for housing as a human right. To view the Committee meeting, please click here.  

2024 City Budget

    • After numerous budget briefings throughout October of last year, at the November 2023 City Council meeting, for the first time Alderman Sigcho-Lopez voted in favor of passing the Mayor’s proposed 2024 budget. This budget focused on increasing $100 million in anti-violence programming and restorative justice work, reopening city-run mental health clinics, re-establishing the Department of the Environment and not raising property taxes for Chicagoans.

Bring Chicago Home

    • On July 27th, 2023, the Committee on Housing and Real Estate, held a subject matter hearing to collect testimony and discuss the proposal to increase the  real estate transfer tax to combat homelessness by providing permanent affordable housing and the services necessary to obtain and maintain permanent housing in the City of Chicago. Now the ordinance has been introduced and has been referred to Committee on Rules to be debated on. 
    • No votes were taken at this hearing but a resolution will most likely be introduced to City Council this fall to get it on the primary ballot in March 2024.
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