S Peoria St Remediation Project

The city’s Fleet and Facilities Management Department’s Office of Environmental, Health and Safety Management will conduct a soil remediation project on two parcels of land located on either side of S Peoria St, bounded to the north and south. south on W 16th St and W 18th St, respectively, and east on S Newberry Ave. The figure below shows these two parcels.
Figure 1: Remediation of 1600 -1800 S Peoria St.
Remedial work, beginning with site preparation, is expected to begin on February 1, 2024 and complete on February 16, 2024. Work will begin on the west parcel and move to the northeast parcel. All work activities will be performed by the City’s contractor, FH Paschen, and his subcontractors, with the supervision of the City’s environmental consultant, Roux Associates.
Soil remediation is performed to treat two types of contamination: total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and lead. Higher levels of contamination will be treated, while lower levels will be treated at the same time as construction.
The TPH contamination comes from a leak in an underground storage tank that was removed from a former Go-Time gas station at 1601 S Morgan. TPH contamination is

Located near and beneath the crushed concrete pilings on the northern portion of the west parcel (west of S Peoria St).
Concrete piles will be moved within the site to allow removal and disposal of HTP-contaminated soils to a landfill, with part used to backfill the excavation.
The dangerous lead contamination comes from the site’s former manufacturing plant, owned by National Lead, and is present in several areas of both parcels. The hazardous lead will be remediated by mixing a stabilizing agent into the contaminated soils, making the soils non-hazardous.
Approximately ten truckloads of contaminated soil will be transported off-site to a landfill. The contractor will use water mist during work activities if necessary to suppress dust. No streets, sidewalks or alleys are expected to be closed during this work. Please contact Sarah Rubin or Ram Ramasamy at 2FM EHS if you have questions or concerns.
Sarah Rubin 312-744-3639 sarah.rubin@cityofchicago.org Ram Ramasamy 312-742-2565 ram.ramasamy@cityofchicago.org

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