Decision Special Use Cannabis Dispensary

We hereby inform our residents that we have received notification from the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) that the application for a “Special Use Application for an Adult Cannabis Dispensary located at 2601-2607 W Cermak” has been DENIED.

On Friday, February 16th, together with residents from our ward, we participated in the hearing where the application in question was thoroughly discussed. The active participation of our community was crucial in ensuring that their concerns and arguments were heard and considered by the board.

Throughout our administration, we have emphasized the importance of listening to the voice of the community in all processes, especially regarding permits for public places. This philosophy has been a consistent priority, even in situations where community meetings are not required by city departments. We remain committed to advocating for the rights of our community and ensuring that their opinions are valued and considered in every decision and include a public benefit program.

This decision by the board demonstrates the power of unity and collaboration within our community. We are deeply proud to represent such an engaged and supportive community, and we will continue to defend their rights and values in all future decisions.

We sincerely appreciate the ongoing support and trust that our community has placed in us. Together, we will continue to make a difference and build a better future for all.

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