Back in 2021, The City of Chicago acquired more than six acres of a vacant lot at the intersection of 18th and Peoria streets, the largest single parcel of developable vacant land in Pilsen. Thus in September 2022, the multi-phase framework planning process for the 18th & Peoria Development began. With the last community meeting taking place in January 2023, the final framework plan was later adopted by the Plan Commission in May 2023, which the recording of the meeting can be viewed Here. 

The document will serve as a formal guide for redevelopment proposals for the new construction that, pending community and City review, could start in approximately 2024.

The development will be completed in 5 phases, please take a look down below to find out more information on what each phase will consist of. At this time, the City is still reviewing all submitted Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) proposals for the Phase 1 development. More information regarding the accepted proposal should be made available within the 4th quarter of 2023.

Split into 5 phases, the development plan calls for a first phase of three 6 -7 story mixed-use buildings along W. 18th St which would hold ground floor commercial space with apartments above. Moving north, the second phase would transition to a smaller scale with two 5-story mid-rise residential buildings. Moving further north, phase 3 would build townhomes, 6-flats and 3-flats to match the character of S. Newberry Ave. The final phase, located along the BNSF railway and W. 16th St, would include two 9-story residential buildings with interior parking on the first two floors.

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